The aim of BAKIŞ is to offer high quality products and service to his clients.

With our two factories located on a total 40.000 m² enclosed area in Izmir, we are producing cabinet doors and panel products.


  • 2004: Membrane Cabinet Doors production has started
  • 2009: Acrylic Cabinet Door and Acrylic Panel production has started
  • 2010: Production plant is increased to 10.000 m² with a new factory
  • 2012: Anti-scratch Acrylic Cabinet Door and Panel production
  • 2014: We opened our door and panel factory (30.000 m²)
  • 2015: Turkey’s highest capacity door factory began production.
  • 2016: High Gloss Panels production has started
  • 2016: Bakış Gloss (UV Lak Panels) production has started.